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Overview of Beer Brewing Courses:

Beer brewing courses can be taken on an individual or group basis, with a maximum of five people per session. Each brewing class produces about forty-eight 12 ounce bottles of beer. The price of each class will be determined by the type of beer brewed
(i.e. required ingredients, length of brewing, and accessories.)

Introductory Beer Brewing:

The introductory beer brewing course is designed to prepare beginners with the knowledge required to brew quality beer independently. Beginners will participate in and learn about the beer brewing process as they make a partial mash beer. 'Partial mash' refers to the extracts that are used in the brewing process, along with the optional special grains, wheat, rice and hops that are added to the wort (mixture of all ingredients). Throughout the beer brewing process participants will gain an understanding of the science behind beer brewing, such as the enzyme, color, and sugar production.

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Intermediate Beer Brewing:

The intermediate beer brewing course is for participants who already have a basic understanding of the beer brewing process (not recommended for beginners), but would like to learn the technique behind gaining complete control over the taste, color, mouth-feel, and alcohol content of their beers. Participants will learn how to brew an all-mash beer, in which no extracts are used. After deciding upon what type of beer they would like to brew, participants will take part in crafting a custom brew as they acquire in-depth knowledge about which and how various specialty ingredients affect the final product.

Advanced Beer Brewing:

Advanced brewing delves further into the science behind beer brewing, as participants learn about and experiment with variables that affect the brewing process, including water composition, length of steeping and boiling, and adjuncts such as fruit, berries, spices and various combinations of hops.